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The Pacific Dental Services Foundation

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The PDS® Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization whose mission is to create opportunities to serve through improving oral healthcare locally, nationally and internationally. By creating opportunities to serve, the PDS Foundation will positively enhance the lives of those in need and in turn those who serve. The Foundation has four key pillars in which we provide access and advocacy to disadvantaged and underserved communities:

What programs do the PDS Foundation serve?

Mobile Dental Clinics

Serve people in challenged urban areas and rural communities.

International Dental Clinics

Make a big global impact in rural areas such as Ethiopia, Guatemala and Fiji.

Special Needs Advocacy and Training Programs

Help lessen anxiety for dental patients with autism or other behavioral challenges.

Oral Health Scholarships

Partner with national organizations to provide financial assistance to disadvantaged women and young adults seeking economic independence through the acquisition of specialized skills in the area of dental assisting.

Serve Fiji:

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Dental care is only available at the Mission Clinic by volunteer clinicians and the Pacific Dental Services Foundation Team is one of few professional dental teams to visit each year. In addition to serving hundreds of patients from all over Fiji in the clinic, the team provides care at the local elementary and middle school, as well as going out into rural villages that do not have access to transportation to visit the clinic. The Pacific Dental Services Foundation is proud the continue this partnership with the Mission at Natuvu Creek bringing quality oral health care to the people of Fiji.

Serve Ethiopia:

Multiple trips to the Tigray region of Ethiopia have helped us cultivate an ongoing relationship with the University of Mekelle Dental School. Support with supplies and equipment needs as well as clinical training has allowed the students at the University the opportunity to better serve their community in need. The Pacific Dental Services Foundation will continue its support of the Dental School in Mekelle with the intention that the program can and will grow into multiple points of contact throughout the region to support the people of Tigray, Ethiopia.

Serve Guatemala:

Development of the first Pacific Dental Services Foundation Dental Clinic in Sumpango, Guatemala. A collaborative partnership with Hope Haven International to create a comprehensive health care clinic for disabled residents, their families, and the surrounding community. The clinic will provide dental, medical and nutritional education promoting overall health and well-being for the families it serves.