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Supported Dentists | Owners

As a dentist, you want to focus on Clinical Excellence instead of dealing with administrative tasks. With Supported Autonomy, we take care of the admin, so you can concentrate on what you do best: dentistry. It also means more time with your family and enjoying more personal time. What's not to like?

Opportunities for Dentists at PDS®-Supported Offices

Supported Specialists & Hygienists

You'll have advanced technology to work with and continuing education courses to keep you up to date. Added to that is an environment where teams of people work hard to be the best at what they do. It's a pretty good deal. Yes we may be a little biased, but you can see for yourself what PDS has to offer.

Opportunities for Pediatric Dentists at PDS-Supported Offices

Opportunities for Hygienists at PDS-Supported Offices

Opportunities for Dental Specialists at PDS-Supported Offices

Practice Support

You're the backbone of the practice. You help drive growth, increase revenue and identify talented professionals to move up the ranks or join our team. You're the Receptionist in charge of greeting patients and scheduling appointments. You're the Treatment Coordinator who answers every question patients have about their treatments. You're the Manager who makes sure your supported practice runs like a well-oiled machine. Take a look and learn a little more about a career at PDS.

Opportunities for Practice Support at PDS

National Support

You see the possibilities; you're a born optimist. You find ways to make our supported practices more successful. You're the IT professional who keeps the network running. You're the Legal expert who negotiates contracts. You're the Accountant who makes sure everyone gets paid on time. You make PDS hum. See what PDS has to offer you.

Opportunities for National Support at PDS